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Meet our Interns: Joanna, Claire, & Natasha 15 Mar 2024

At ZALORA, we are dedicated to approaching the world with a #LimitlessMindset, and believe in nurturing talent and providing growth opportunities to the next generation of leaders and professionals. Our internships across Southeast Asia are designed to offer hands-on experience and mentorship to bright and aspiring individuals, equipping them with practical skills beyond classroom curriculums.

We are proud to introduce three remarkable individuals who have completed their internship journey with us, and would like to share their experiences with you!

1. Meet Joanna Grace Bedi, Commercial (Projects) Intern from ZALORA Malaysia

“ZALORA knows that one style doesn't fit all, and they offer a range of flexible options to ensure you can bring your best self to work!”

Joanna joined ZALORA as a Commercial (Projects) Intern in 2023. For the longest time, she knew that fashion was her main passion. So it was a no brainer for her to join ZALORA, a fashion e-commerce company like no other. Here, she learnt as much as she could about the fashion industry, by interacting with various teams across the company. To her, every interaction is a chance to learn and collaborate, and it's this aspect of her role that truly excites her.

After graduating, Joanna continues her journey with ZALORA as a Junior Planner. Check out her full feature HERE!

2. Meet Claire Ng, Brand Partnerships Intern from ZALORA Singapore

“I have the flexibility to work or study in my campus’ library, and even have time to meet my friends in-person in school! I can even attend university events and activities on-campus after work, keeping my social life alive haha!”

Claire joined us as a Brand Partnerships Intern in the ZALORA Advertising Platform (ZAP) team last year in 2023. With an interest in the Fashion e-commerce industry, and a desire to hone her creative and analytical skills, she quickly became an integral part of our team. Throughout her internship, she enjoyed forging meaningful connections with people in the fashion industry and within ZALORA. 

In her full feature, she recounts how she treasures the flexibility in ZALORA, and how her supportive team and manager encouraged her to learn new skills and overcome her fear of public speaking. Check out her feature HERE!

3. Meet Natasha Setiawan, Brand Partnerships Intern

“In my months with this company, I've not only acquired a diverse set of skills that will undoubtedly shape my career journey but have also found a community of supportive colleagues and friends!”

Natasha joined us as a ZALORA Advertising Platform Intern in 2023. As a fervent enthusiast of fashion, design, and travel, she was inspired to embark on an internship with us. With her curious nature and warm personality, she was a perfect fit for her role that involved working closely with clients on their creative campaigns.

Throughout her internship, she found that ZALORA has one of the best work-life balanced environments she’s worked in, with flexible work-from-home options for the majority of the week. She also fell in love with our warm, welcoming, and friendly atmosphere, where everyone is willing to extend a helping hand! She also appreciates her mentor, who was always there to assist whenever she had questions, and still is a guiding light in her professional journey!

Check out her full feature HERE!