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Meet Natasha Setiawan, Brand Partnerships Intern from ZALORA Singapore 12 Jan 2024

Hi I’m Natasha! I’m a ZALORA Advertising Platform Intern and fervent enthusiast of fashion, design, and travel. This isn’t just a trifecta of interests for me, it's a lifestyle that inspired me to embark on a transformative internship journey with ZALORA; a company that not only nurtures the passions close to my heart, but allows me to explore the intricate realms of fashion and e-commerce!

A Day In My Life: Crafting Campaigns and Providing Insights
In ZALORA, my role revolves around our partner brands and their campaigns. It involves  actively communicating with clients, by flexing my creative skills to prepare pitches for upcoming campaigns and offline events across markets like Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.

This role also involves scheduling campaigns and organising data, which has honed my analytical skills beyond what I had originally anticipated when I first started!

A Company that Cares: Trust, Flexibility, and Gratitude
ZALORA has one of the best work-life balanced environments I’ve worked in. It truly cares for its people by providing really good welfare like offering flexible work-from-home options for the majority of the week.

I am immensely grateful for the trust ZALORA places on us to work anywhere! This allows me to seamlessly continue my work even when I’m visiting my family overseas, which is a rare gem in today’s professional landscape. It’s truly a testament to the company's commitment to employee well-being.

Warmth, Encouragement, and Support: A Culture of Excellence

The warm, welcoming, and friendly atmosphere fosters a culture where everyone is willing to extend a helping hand. My mentor is always there to assist whenever I have questions, and is a guiding light in my professional journey. She also encourages me to not just perform well in this role, but also to explore skills beyond my immediate scope, to pursue opportunities that I'm interested in.

A Journey of Skills and Connections: The Best of Both Worlds

In my months with this company, I've not only acquired a diverse set of skills that will undoubtedly shape my career journey but have also found a community of supportive colleagues and friends.

The culture here, with its perfect blend of warmth, encouragement, and work-life balance, makes it one of the best places to work – an environment where passion thrives, skills flourish, and connections last a lifetime.

A final message to incoming ZALORA interns, be open-minded and stay curious, keep engaged in wanting to learn more and don’t be afraid to ask to be involved in things you want to gain hands on experience in because you’ll have a great team that prioritises your learning and want to guide you as best as they can during your internship!