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Meet Joanna Grace Bedi, Commercial (Projects) Intern from ZALORA Malaysia 13 Dec 2023

As I approach the final stretch of my internship, I would like to share my experience in ZALORA. It’s an inspiring place that blends fashion, innovation, and inclusivity!

Hi! I’m Joanna Bedi, and I’m a Commercial (Projects) Intern at ZALORA! For as long as I can remember, fashion has been my heartbeat. So it was a no brainer for me to join ZALORA, a fashion e-commerce company like no other. It’s a perfect start to intertwine my passion with the trajectory of my career, especially with graduation looming on the horizon.

Work that Inspires

My daily work revolves around projects that involve different departments across ZALORA. My team are the bridge builders, there's a lot of coordinating with various teams across the company, to make sure that everyone is on the same page. This means, one moment you can be planning for a business model, and the next, discussing deadlines with the tech team for a new app feature!

To me, every interaction is a chance to learn and collaborate, and it's this aspect of my role that truly excites me. The dynamic nature of my work keeps me engaged and ensures that no two days are the same!

Hybrid Working Environment

ZALORA knows that one style doesn't fit all, and they offer a range of flexible options to ensure you can bring your best self to work. This really promotes a healthy working environment and a work-life balance as well.

Diversity and Inclusion: A Breath of Fresh Creativity

What sets ZALORA apart, its unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion. Here, every individual is valued for their unique backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives. There is a strong culture that encourages creativity, open-mindedness, and collaboration, making ZALORA a space where everyone's unique strengths are celebrated.

I am proud to work alongside people with different viewpoints, and am fortunate to learn from their creativity and experiences. Here, I can thrive both professionally and personally!

Guided by Supportive Leaders

In this journey, my manager has been more than a supervisor. She’s been patient and supportive in my growth, taking the time to mentor me step-by-step. It's this mentorship that I am truly grateful for during my time in ZALORA!

Advice for New Interns

Before I finish my internship, I would like to share some new advice to new interns: Ask as many questions until you understand the tasks completely in order for you to deliver your work effectively. The team is patient and will guide you along the way while you learn to fly with your own wings!