Spotlight Stories
Meet Claire Ng, Brand Partnerships Intern from ZALORA Singapore 29 Dec 2023

Hi I’m Claire, a Brand Partnerships Intern in the ZALORA Advertising Platform (ZAP) team!

Passion for fashion
From the moment I started working in ZALORA, I knew I was in for an extraordinary experience. Even before my internship, I always had a passion for fashion. So being an intern at ZALORA isn’t just a job to me; it’s a golden opportunity to dive headfirst into the Fashion e-commerce industry, and hone my creative and analytical skills!

My Role
A day in ZAP revolves around supporting the campaigns of our brand clients. This means approving sponsored ads, scheduling campaigns, and tracking projects during peak shopping seasons! It’s highly analytical and involves more back-end platform work than you imagine for a role named Brand Partnerships!

Meeting New Faces, Igniting Connections
A highlight of our work is meeting people from major fashion brands and getting to foster a relationship with them, through fine-tuning their campaign mechanics and assets. Beyond the day-to-day work, we also have the chance to mingle with them during company events too!

I find it fulfilling to know I’m making meaningful connections with people in the fashion industry, be it internally in Zalora or externally with the international brands we work with!

A Warm and Welcoming Work Oasis
The extremely welcoming and friendly work environment has defined my experience here. From day one, I was enveloped in a culture of support by my colleagues and manager. They became my pillars of encouragement and support, allowing me to grow and thrive.

I always look forward to seeing everyone in-person when we catch up in the office, and truly treasure our time together, especially our fun lunch sessions where we can talk about literally anything and everything!

Hybrid Working: Balancing Acts and Social Bonds
The flexibility in ZALORA is more than just a perk; it's a treasure. Juggling my studies with the demands of an internship has its challenges, but the hybrid working experience has been a game-changer. Getting to work from home for the majority of the week empowers me to choose the environment I want to work and maximize my productivity in.

For instance, I have the flexibility to work or study in my campus’ library, and even have time to meet my friends in-person in school! I can even attend university events and activities on-campus after work, keeping my social life alive haha!

A Fond Farewell
As I come towards the end of my internship, I’ve come to learn so much in these past 6 months. I’ve honed my Excel skills, communication skills, and even how to choose the right brand to onboard depending on the criteria of different markets.

I’m especially thankful to get the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, to try special projects like hosting a GFG Platform Webinar Training Session to onboard new brands and teach them how to purchase standard packages and set up sponsored ads on the platform. This allowed me to experience speaking to external stakeholders professionally and overcome my fear of public speaking.

A tip I would like to share with incoming interns is to be open-minded and don't be afraid to make mistakes because you will and it'll be perfectly fine because you'll have a great team who is patient and thoughtful to help you learn!

My time here has been more than a job; it's been a fashion-forward adventure, and I'm leaving with not just skills but a lifetime of cherished memories!