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Meet Summer Chin, Brand Management (Luxury) Intern from ZALORA Malaysia 05 Apr 2024

Hi I’m Summer! I’m a Brand Management (Luxury) Intern with ZALORA, and I’d like to share a little bit about my internship experience!

A day in my life at ZALORA

Ever wondered what it's like to work with an organization that combines flexibility and productivity seamlessly? Well, look no further! Here in ZALORA, we’ve adopted a dynamic work model that lets us work remotely for most of the week; heading into the office just once a week. This setup not only gives us the freedom to organize our schedules around personal commitments but also cuts down on the dreaded commute time.

Now, you might be thinking: 'But how do you maintain a strong team culture when you're not physically together?' It's simple – through platforms like Zoom, we break down barriers and ensure that collaboration never takes a back seat. Whether we're bouncing ideas around within our team or joining forces with other departments, discussions are lively, input is valued, and support is always just a ping away.

During my time here,  despite being an intern, I was entrusted with significant responsibilities, allowing me to work closely with brand representatives. From managing urgent requests to liaising with internal teams for tailored solutions, and even providing support to enhance brand performance across SEA, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and diving deep into live data to transform it into actionable strategies. Every day I learnt something new. 

Moreover, there have been several standout moments that have enriched my journey at ZALORA. One of which included an amazing visit to the core of our fulfillment center, which services most of our markets in Southeast Asia, offered me a firsthand glimpse into the intricacies of ZALORA's extensive supply chain, providing invaluable insights into its operations.

Engaging in firsthand discussions and interactions with brands was undoubtedly another one of the highlights of my journey here. I had the opportunity to engage directly with renowned brand principals and authorized distributors, providing me with invaluable insights. Throughout my six-month internship, I not only gained a comprehensive understanding of the backend operations of an e-commerce company but also delved deeply into the nuances of the luxury industry. This dual focus allowed me to efficiently acquire a wealth of industry knowledge—a true case of hitting two birds with one stone.

Given the dynamic nature of e-commerce, my day-to-day responsibilities were fast-paced, often involving urgent on-call responses. Collaborating closely with departments such as logistics, operations, and partnerships was a regular occurrence, highlighting the importance of teamwork and coordination within the organization. Additionally, client meetings were integral, where we conducted comprehensive business reviews, assessed the brand's market standing, and strategized ways to ensure its continued success.

But what truly made this experience unforgettable was the people. Working with fellow Zalorians was like being part of a supportive and collaborative family. We're all about 'work hard, play hard' vibes here – from brainstorming sessions to team bonding activities, there was never a dull moment.

So, if you're looking for a workplace where flexibility, productivity, and a killer team culture go hand in hand, you've come to the right place.

How do you find meaning and fulfillment in your work?

In ZALORA, mutual respect is the name of the game. Every voice is valued. I was entrusted with ownership and given the autonomy to tackle challenges head-on. This level of trust in my capabilities empowered me to solve problems independently and take ownership of my work.

The insights I've gained along the way have been nothing short of transformative and downright inspirational. It is a period of high personal growth. The immersive environment at ZALORA allowed me to dive into hands-on, real-life problems, enabling me to explore different facets of the industry and uncover where my true interests lie. I've been incredibly fortunate to have managers and senior team members who are always ready to offer guidance and support. Their generosity in sharing their knowledge and wisdom has been instrumental in shaping my experience. Each interaction, each piece of advice has been like a building block, gradually shaping my outlook in ways I never imagined. It's been nothing short of inspirational to witness the impact of their mentorship on my growth and development.

What do you like most about being part of the team at ZALORA?

It's incredibly rewarding to be surrounded by such a supportive and knowledgeable group of individuals. There are no gatekeepers here – everyone is genuinely eager to share their knowledge and expertise. Stepping into the team feels like entering a room with a blank canvas, but with each interaction, I emerge with a wealth of new ideas and knowledge. It's an environment where curiosity is encouraged. 

Everyday I am surrounded by people who are not only highly responsible and adept problem solvers but also deeply value-driven. Being part of such a dynamic and supportive team truly heightens my excitement about my work everyday.

How would you describe ZALORA’s work environment

At ZALORA, our work environment can get pretty busy, especially during peak shopping seasons. But here's the thing – our tight-knit team culture makes all the difference. Despite the hustle and bustle, we're like one big family, always ready to support each other.

I've had the pleasure of working alongside some incredible colleagues, and our manager is an absolute gem. They're not only super understanding but also great at delegating tasks and fostering open communication. Plus, they make sure everyone feels included and valued, which really helps keep morale high, even during the busiest of times. So, while we may have our hands full, knowing that we have each other's backs makes all the difference. 

How’s ZALORA’s flexible working model?

ZALORA offers a fantastic perk with its hybrid working model. As someone who lives far from the office, I really appreciate the flexibility it provides. Gone are the days of cramming into crowded trains or battling traffic every morning and evening – now, I can balance my work responsibilities while enjoying the convenience of working from home. This flexibility not only saves time and stress but also allows me to achieve a better work-life balance. 

Has ZALORA provided you with opportunities and support during your internship?

Yes! I was given the opportunity to be actively involved in every aspect, from planning to execution.

ZALORA provided me with an abundance of resources and support to deepen my understanding of the e-commerce landscape. I had the chance to delve into topics like consumer behavior, where I gained insights into understanding the psychology and motivations behind consumers' purchasing decisions, exploring various tactics and approaches aimed at driving sales and maximizing revenue, and analyzing data available to identify potential bottlenecks, and implementing strategic changes to improve the overall conversion process. The learning curve was exponential, and I gained invaluable insights that have shaped my understanding of the world of work.

What did you learn from your time in ZALORA?

Beyond expanding my industry knowledge, one of the most valuable lessons I gained during my internship was mastering various features of Excel. 

Every problem I tackled required Excel proficiency, from data analysis to creating decks and everything in between. These were not simulated scenarios nor textbook case study. But real life hands on experience. I'm certain that the skill set I developed at ZALORA will serve me well in future endeavors, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to cultivate and refine these skills in a practical setting.

Why did you choose to intern with ZALORA?

ZALORA has a longstanding presence in Malaysia's bustling e-commerce landscape. And me,  I've been a loyal customer for as long as I can remember. There's just something about ZALORA – the top-notch products, the seamless supply chain, and that unwavering commitment to putting customers first – that keeps me coming back time and time again.

Having experienced the satisfaction of being a ZALORA customer, I've often found myself intrigued by what goes on behind the scenes to ensure everything operates seamlessly. The idea of being part of the talented team responsible for making it all happen has always fascinated me.

And then, one day, it happened. As a member of that very team, I feel incredibly fortunate to contribute to ZALORA’s success firsthand. It's a rewarding experience to work alongside other passionate individuals and play a role in delivering exceptional experiences to customers like myself. Being part of this wonderful team is truly a dream come true.

What are the most memorable experiences you’ve had at ZALORA?

One of the most memorable aspects of my time at ZALORA has been the opportunity to enhance my capabilities and awareness. I truly value being thrown into the thick of things and experiencing the ever-changing workflows, giving me a genuine feel for what it's like to work in a fast-paced environment. The fact that I was trained like a full-time employee made the experience incredibly rewarding. It's common for interns to feel disconnected from their tasks, struggling to find their place within a company. However, ZALORA did an exceptional job ensuring that wasn't the case for me. They excelled in ensuring my integration into the team.

Additionally, the strong bonds formed with colleagues were the cherry on top of my experience. They served not only as mentors inspiring me to thrive further but also as good friends I've made along the journey. A huge shoutout to everyone from the Luxury team, as they've been integral to making this experience so enjoyable. 

What advice would you give to new interns in ZALORA?

Sometimes it is about ensuring that you are on the fast lane without running on fumes.  Don't hesitate to ask questions to ensure you're on the right track. :))