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Meet Farah Rufendy, 1SS Key Account Management Executive from ZALORA Malaysia 08 Sep 2023

Hi! I’m Farah Rufendy, a 1SS Key Account Management Executive in ZALORA Malaysia! My role involves nurturing relationships with high-value brands by supporting them in addressing their challenges. Going beyond managing brands and sales, it also focuses on fostering genuine partnerships that align goals and values for mutual success!

ZALORA happens to be my first step into the professional realm, and my journey began as an intern back in March 2022. Fast forward to the present, and I'm thrilled to be marking my one-year anniversary as a full-time ZALORA team member. Yay!

Throughout my journey at ZALORA, I’ve grown a lot, both personally and professionally. ZALORA has given me opportunities to learn new skills through training programs.  I've also had the chance to contribute ideas and taking the lead within my team, manage small-scale projects and offering support to my colleagues. These experiences have had a significant impact on who I am today, both professionally and personally. They've taught me valuable lessons, helped me acquire new skills, and allowed me to grow as an individual. I genuinely appreciate the unwavering belief and opportunities extended to me by my managers during my internship and in my current position.

Personally, ZALORA is a place where our value of #OneTeamOneDream really resonates with me. What I absolutely love about being a part of the Zalorians is how we all work together and support each other. My colleagues aren't just talented and passionate; they're also incredibly supportive.  This collaborative atmosphere creates a dynamic work environment where we can efficiently reach our objectives. Working together towards common goals and celebrating achievements is what fuels my enthusiasm for being a part of ZALORA.

What I particularly cherish about my experience at ZALORA is they understand the importance of work flexibility. As someone from Generation Z, this aligns perfectly with my values and needs. The option for remote work has proven to be incredibly effective. It is not only saving the time spent on daily commutes but also allows us to concentrate more on our tasks. Personally, I've found that working from home boosts my productivity significantly due to the reduced distractions compared to the office setting. Occasionally, we will catch up in the office once or twice in a month. It is a great opportunity for brainstorming and collaborative discussions, which I thoroughly enjoy. It's an exciting opportunity to reconnect, share ideas, and enhance team dynamics.

ZALORA is also a place which cares deeply about our mental health and wellbeing. We have the option to take a 2-day leave for Mental Health Day to rest and recuperate when we feel like we need it. In addition, with Zoom-Free Half Days, it helps us to focus on our task for not having meetings scheduled and people are being respectful of the time and rarely schedule a call. I believe this initiative is really helpful as we have zoom fatigues for having it every single day.

Here, ZALORA has a fun and dynamic workplace, where we have a youthful workforce, diverse employees, the freedom to express thoughts and creativity, and are able to self-express and be our best selves through fashion!