Spotlight Stories
Meet Yu Wen, Women’s Apparel Commercial Marketplace Intern, from ZALORA Malaysia 10 Mar 2023


As someone with a passion for challenging myself and learning new things, I was drawn to the dynamic work environment of ZALORA. I have always had an interest in fashion from an early age, so I decided to enhance my personal development and join the company as an intern.



Working at Zalora has been a fascinating and fun, albeit sometimes tiring, experience. I have been immersed in a relaxing and calm working culture and have enjoyed good relationships with my co-workers. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by amazing and kind-hearted colleagues, and I have particularly enjoyed the team bonding sessions because it allowed us to get to know more about each other on deeper levels and have a better understanding towards the people I work with.

One of the things that I appreciate about working at ZALORA is the flexibility in my work. I can plan and measure my time realistically, deal with stress in a way that works for me, and optimise the work flow within my team. This flexibility has allowed me to commit to being focused and disciplined in achieving my goals and achieving my target breakthrough, giving me great meaning and fulfilment in the work I do.

I have been provided with opportunities to learn brand management skills, understand how to use data to present the performance of each brand, liaise with PICs, and assist brands in participating in voucher campaigns. In my time at Zalora, I have learned problem-solving, communication, and management skills while also honing my computer skills.



The most memorable experience I have had at ZALORA would definitely be the warehouse tour. I got to know the whole inbound and outbound processes and learned a lot about teamwork during the whole experience. The mentorship from my line manager has been incredibly helpful in enhancing my professional and personal skills as well, and I am immensely grateful.

If I were to give advice to a new intern at ZALORA, I would say that if you believe in yourself, have dedication and pride, and never quit or give up, you'll definitely be a winner!