Spotlight Stories
Meet Shania, Commercial Intern, from ZALORA Malaysia 10 Feb 2023

As a Commercial Intern at ZALORA, I find most meaning in my job when sellers are satisfied with their sales performance in the campaigns they have invested in. My role as a Commercial Intern has further instilled discipline in me while still providing me with autonomy in the work I do. As sales come in and out on a 24/7 basis, we must be especially attentive to any mishaps, prepared to rectify problems, if any.

ZALORA has been an excellent stepping stone for me to discover and explore new and different views and perspectives on how companies operate on a larger scale, through the initiatives I’ve taken in my stint here, as well as the guidance I've received from all my colleagues and superiors.



As a media and communications major, I had very limited experience with and knowledge of how to use Excel. However, throughout my time here, with the help and patience of my line manager, I’ve gained more experience working with it and now have a more thorough understanding of how to utilize the tool. I’ve also been exposed to more data analytic skills and conducting market research in my role here, which greatly helps build up my hard skills portfolio, which will definitely open more doors for me in the future. My communication skills have also been honed through the interactions and tasks I have here, especially when communicating with sellers as I’ve learnt to be more intentional and accurate in the words and tone I use.

I came across this internship opening on LinkedIn, and I thought that it would be a golden opportunity to work for such a notable company in a position that I felt I would do well in, despite my communications background that may not fully align with the roles of a Commercial Intern. As it turns out, I have thoroughly enjoyed taking up this specific role and learning new skills outside of my comfort zone, and taking that opportunity to apply for this position has been a decision I am so thankful for and will never regret.



I love meeting new people who share similar interests to me, and the people here at ZALORA have been nothing short of friendly, chill, and welcoming. While there are certain deadlines to meet especially during busy periods, my team has made working within said deadlines an enjoyable experience nevertheless. My team members and superiors have been so kind and understanding towards me, continuously guiding me to improve my skills and answer any queries I have, even if they are not my line manager. There’s always someone in my corner willing to help, and for that I am grateful as it’s contributed immensely to my learning.

Although I’m based in Kuala Lumpur, ZALORA gives me the opportunity to work remotely. This flexible arrangement allows me to travel back to my hometown in another state if needed, while still being able to work.

If I could give some advice to any new interns joining ZALORA, I would say that the start can get rough as you adjust to a new work environment with unfamiliar faces. However, you’ll find it easy to get the hang of things, and soon enough it’ll all be muscle memory. Additionally, don’t be afraid to ping your line manager or any superiors if you are ever unsure of anything. From my experience, everybody is willing to lend a helping hand if you need it, and every question you ask is a guaranteed learning opportunity in itself.