Spotlight Stories
Meet Shaina, Senior Customer Associate from ZALORA Philippines 01 Jun 2023

As a part of the Customer Service Department, my role revolves around ensuring exceptional customer experiences and satisfaction. From assisting customers with their purchases to resolving their queries, us customer associates are the driving force behind delivering the best possible service. One thing that many people may not know about our job is that effective communication skills and impeccable time management are vital to provide top-notch customer satisfaction.

When it comes to ZALORA's values, I see them reflected in every aspect of my work. The Limitless Mindset empowers us to provide our opinions and ideas, allowing us to truly own our work. We strive to create WOW moments by working as #OneTeamOneDream: delivering 100% customer satisfaction. The value of being Rationally Creative plays a crucial role in finding innovative solutions while keeping data and logic in mind. It's incredible to be part of an organization that truly lives up to its values.

The exceptional management and unwavering support keep me motivated and committed to ZALORA. Whenever I encounter challenges or need assistance, I am met with a helping hand from someone at ZALORA. The sense of support and care makes me proud to be part of this incredible team.

To find meaning and fulfillment in my work, I focus on building positive relationships with my colleagues. Each day, I set goals to ensure that I give my best and accomplish my tasks. Knowing that my work contributes to providing exceptional customer experiences fills me with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Being part of the ZALORA team is an absolute joy. We work as a united front, knowing our collective goals and supporting one another. The spirit of collaboration and camaraderie creates a friendly and team-oriented environment where we can all thrive.

During my training, when I had the opportunity to meet the Associate Manager of the Operations Team, I felt a strong sense of purpose. Her discussion about the role of a Senior Customer Associate reassured me that my skills and knowledge would be valuable contributions to ZALORA. It was a pivotal moment that made me realize the impact I could make in this organization. Working at ZALORA is an overwhelmingly positive experience. The work environment fosters equality, freedom of expression, and a genuine sense of camaraderie among employees. I feel comfortable expressing myself and collaborating with my colleagues, making each day enjoyable and productive.

ZALORA prioritizes the mental health and well-being of its employees. Even during my training, I have felt the ease of working with supportive colleagues. Additionally, ZALORA provides flexibility by allowing us to work comfortably from home while also organizing office days for team bonding and catch-ups. ZALORA has laid out a clear path for my personal and professional growth. Through training programs and the support of leaders, I can see endless opportunities to excel in my position. Prior to working here, I’ve been at 3 different companies, so I see firsthand how committed ZALORA is to nurturing its employees' growth and unlocking their potential, making me see ZALORA as the #1 company in caring for employee wellbeing.