Spotlight Stories
Meet Rebecca, Senior Buyer, from ZALORA Indonesia 03 Feb 2023


My journey at ZALORA has been nothing but fun and exciting! As a senior buyer who handles big brands, analytic skills are very important in my role. All data has to be handled with attention to detail and logic. 

In the 5 years that I have been here, world-changing events such as Covid and times of recession have forced me and my team to be rationally creative to make the most out of uncertain times and come up with ways to continue growing sales. The vibrant and familiar work environment has kept me here, and the big achievements ZALORA has allowed me to accomplish give me great meaning and fulfillment in my work, even through hard times. I’m also proud to be working in a fashion company that recognizes the need to be eco-conscious and a force for good through offering a wide range of sustainable fashion choices for our customers, as we have a responsibility to influence the fashion industry to operate more responsibly. 



ZALORA also provides employees with the opportunity to take a day off for their mental wellhealth, which makes them stand out from any other company, as they truly care for their people. Hybrid working arrangements are also available, which have allowed me to have better work-life balance as I can work from home with that increased flexibility, while also going to the office for more in-person interaction and bonding with the team.



Career growth is also one of many opportunities that ZALORA gives to their employees. I first joined as a Junior Buyer and was promoted to Senior Buyer within 1.5 years, all with the help and guidance of my superiors who have provided me with countless learning opportunities, through which I’ve grown to possess the skills and knowledge needed for further career advancement.

My time here at ZALORA has been wonderfully fulfilling, and I am grateful to be part of a company who cares for their employees, and cares about their impact on the environment through our sustainable work practices and treatment of employee wellbeing.