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Meet Natascha, Marketing Copywriter Intern, from ZALORA Malaysia 24 Feb 2023


My daily routine as a Marketing Copywriter Intern starts off by checking on Google Keep; my team uses this to help distribute the cards we have to work on. We get assigned cards as soon as it is requested and we would have a day or 2 to work on them. Something a lot of people don’t know about my job is that I often research the brand I’m writing for; to get to know what they are all about so that I can write my copies in their unique tone and style.

I love being creative and brainstorming, so receiving lots of cards from across the different categories like Lifestyle and Kids, helps me learn and develop my writing skills. I find it so fulfilling when I see the final banner all mocked up on the site; having that “OMG! I wrote that” moment is really satisfying.


Being part of ZALORA has taught me that everyone is super helpful here. My colleagues are always trying to help me improve my skills and to try to make the most out of my internship here. Of everything, I like the work environment the most; everyone is super nice and the style of working is quite chill. Additionally, the fact that my role has a hybrid working arrangement is great; changing my working space helps with my writing as new environments trigger new inspiration.

My internship opportunity here at ZALORA has helped me develop my skills and knowledge of fashion. In my time here, I have learned how to carefully craft short form copies, keeping it concise and also interesting so viewers are enticed by the campaign. I loved working here and look forward to continuing on as a freelancer.

After seeing the internship posting on LinkedIn, I realized it would be a great fit as I love fashion and shopping - I’ve been an avid user of ZALORA for years, and am constantly on the hunt for a good deal. My friends often receive product links from ZALORA from me haha - I’m a shopping enabler.



I love how my experience at ZALORA allows me to see behind the curtains; how all the sales work and how much work goes into preparing it. For years, I’ve been on the other side enjoying it from the perspective of a consumer, but now I get to be behind the scenes helping.

My advice for interns joining ZALORA? Enjoy your time here! Make the most of it and don’t be afraid to make mistakes, that's how you learn. Also have fun with all the perks, gawd knows I’ve used and abused my staff discount haha I also loved all the clothes I got from the staff warehouse sales - it was really fun to experience digging for treasures in the hot warehouse!