Spotlight Stories
Meet Mayra, Senior Executive from ZALORA Philippines 14 Jul 2023

As a Senior Executive leading the Kids Category at ZALORA Philippines, my role goes beyond what meets the eye. I drive the growth of the category by strategizing, enhancing brand partnerships, and adding value to our customers' shopping experiences. It's a dynamic position that constantly pushes me to explore new avenues and deliver outstanding results. 

At ZALORA, the core values resonate deeply with me. Among them, the value of Creating WOW Moments shines brightly in my work. We consistently go above and beyond, surpassing expectations and making a positive impact on everyone we interact with. It's this dedication to excellence that fuels our team's drive and inspires us to make a difference. 

Over the years, what has kept me rooted at ZALORA is the sense of belonging and camaraderie. Celebrating my 5th year anniversary recently, I can confidently say that ZALORA is more than just a workplace - it's a second home. The inclusive culture, where everyone is treated with respect and equality, fosters deep connections and a supportive environment. The company genuinely values its employees and actively listens to their needs, ensuring a sense of fulfillment and purpose in our work. 

Finding meaning in my work is effortless when I witness the growth and success of our sellers. Nurturing their development and contributing to their journey brings me immense joy and fulfillment. Moreover, ZALORA stands out by recognizing and appreciating the hard work of its team members. It's not just about achieving business goals; it's about prioritizing the well-being of employees and fostering a positive work-life balance. 

ZALORA's care for mental health and well-being is truly remarkable. During challenging times, the company provided reassurance and support, alleviating concerns about job security. They equipped us with the necessary tools, such as laptops and internet allowances, to work effectively from home. Additionally, ZALORA organized webinars on mental health, ensuring our holistic well-being is prioritized. Regular check-ins from our team, department heads, and directors demonstrate their unwavering support and commitment to our growth. 

Flexibility in work arrangements has been a game-changer. The hybrid setup has allowed me to strike a balance between professional commitments and personal responsibilities. Being there for my senior parents, attending family occasions, and eliminating the stress of daily commutes has been a blessing. ZALORA understands the importance of work-life integration and provides us with the freedom to thrive in both spheres. 

My journey of growth at ZALORA has been phenomenal. From a Buying Assistant to a Senior Executive, I have been given numerous opportunities to excel. Leadership and training programs have expanded my skill set and honed my abilities. The guidance and mentorship of exceptional managers and the support of amazing colleagues have played a pivotal role in my development. ZALORA genuinely believes in the potential of its employees, fostering a culture that nurtures confidence and empowers individuals to exceed their own expectations. 

In a world where self-doubt often hinders progress, ZALORA stood by me and instilled confidence in my abilities. Here, we celebrate each other's successes and appreciate even the smallest contributions. ZALORA's unique spirit and unwavering belief in its people make it an extraordinary place to work, setting it apart from other companies.