Spotlight Stories
Meet Jun Wei, Brand Management Intern, from ZALORA Malaysia 17 Mar 2023


My interests and passion are aligned with my career aspirations in the FMCG industry, to be specific, the beauty industry. Building and managing products that have a positive social impact in the consumer’s daily life, but also the environment that we live in. Having direct input into the consumption habits of consumers, but also influencing the direction of the brand means that my role as a Brand Management Intern gives me the ability to lead society to be more environmentally/socially conscious.

A day in the life at ZALORA is always fulfilling and filled with excitement as I always look forward to work the next day. This is because I have a supportive and passionate environment that drives me to approach work as an opportunity for continuous improvement. When I wake up in the morning, I always find myself ready and excited to start work and to meet my team and colleagues. Every day there will always be something different, a new challenge that drives me to go beyond my comfort zone keeps me on my feet looking for more. Also being able to decide which desk I would like to work at everytime I come to the office is actually quite fun.

Being assigned work that I am passionate about ensures that I am able to do it to the best of my abilities while ensuring it is of the best quality. Every task that I have been assigned to has always been fulfilling, even the most minor ones such as communicating and meeting with new/existing brands have made me feel like I am contributing, and being part of something bigger. Every task that I am responsible for, I have managed to find joy in as I have the ability to showcase my skills and knowledge learnt from previous tasks.



Being part of the team at ZALORA means that you are part of a team-oriented environment that is passionate about the work they do, which in some way helps motivate me to achieve the best results. Not only have the team at ZALORA been very friendly, they are also supportive and knowledgeable in the field they specialize in, which gave me the opportunity to always learn something new that I could apply to my work and or in daily life that I would have never learnt if I was not part of the team at ZALORA.

“A change in environment” is how I would describe the work environment in ZALORA. The company being awarded the Best Workplace for Graduates consecutive times really shines through when it comes to the work environment here at ZALORA. Being surrounded by a friendly & team-oriented environment means that I always have someone by my side during work and after work; no matter what department you are in, everyone will be happy to support and encourage you.

ZALORA’s work flexibility goes beyond the industry standard, not only in Malaysia but also compared to the rest of Asia. The hybrid working policy not only allows for flexibility in how and where you work but also allows for an amazing work-life balance that most 9-5ers can only dream of. Having this flexibility reflects on the people-centric management style of ZALORA, which improves the quality of life of its employees.

Not only has my experience at ZALORA improved the way I approached work, it has also made me rethink how the concept of work has the ability to make me feel fulfilled. Coming into ZALORA with zero knowledge about the e-Commerce industry and its expectations, my experience here at ZALORA has not not only widened my knowledge about the industry but also opened up several pathways for me that I would never have achieved without the opportunities provided by ZALORA.

ZALORA has provided me with the skills and tools that are indispensable in university and my future career. Being part of the Commercial team means that I have direct access to improve my knowledge and skills when it comes to working in a B2B setting. Even after my work experience here at ZALORA, I still apply a lot of what I had learned here to my work in and outside of university which has garnered me a lot of success and respect when it came to my work by my peers and clients.



Being part of a company that is at the forefront of e-Commerce in Southeast Asia is what stood out to me when choosing to apply for an internship. ZALORA, compared to other companies I have seen, offers more diverse opportunities in different departments that clearly states the tasks I am responsible for but also what I can expect from this experience.