Spotlight Stories
Meet Javier, Senior CRM Executive from ZALORA Philippines 21 Apr 2023

As a Senior CRM Executive at ZALORA, I primarily handle the push notifications and newsletters for the Philippines, among other channels to generate traffic for sales and revenue. My role also includes data analysis and optimising channels to be as efficient as possible. In CRM, there are a lot of new initiatives and ideas being run in collaboration with other teams that challenge me to use my critical thinking and creativity almost daily.

I’ve been at ZALORA all these years because of my teammates. Since we have returned to the office, I’m able to enjoy collaborating with them while also having the ability to make small talk and discuss non-work related topics. Aside from that, being able to work from home for most of the week is a big bonus as well since this allows me to have more time to venture into other aspects of my life such as my family, friends, and hobbies. 

I think knowing that my work is for my personal growth and benefit is what helps me find meaning and fulfilment in it. Outside of that, I know that my work is an essential part of our team. If I don’t do my part, then it is not just myself who carries the burden, but the entire team, and I surely don’t want to let the team down. This goes for everyone else as well. 

What I like most about being part of the team here at ZALORA is that the people who work there are generally around the same age as me, which makes it much easier to communicate and understand one another. It’s also easier to befriend other coworkers to be able to lighten the mood when work gets hectic! I see a lot of camaraderie within my own team and other teams as well. It’s nice to be part of a workplace that is not just a team of coworkers, but also friends. Our #OneTeamOneDream value permeates all that we do!


I also think the work environment is amazing! Having the ability to talk to almost anyone in the company to ask questions and collaborate with is such a huge benefit. It makes communication so much easier. Aside from that, having a team-oriented environment just goes to show you how much work and effort everyone in the team does, and because of that, pushes you to work just as hard, if not more. 

Something unique about working at ZALORA is that they support your mental health as well. We are given free online therapy with the Mindhealth organisation which is a big help when maintaining good mental health. There was an instance where I felt like I was at a very low point in my life, and I was able to utilise this free session to my advantage. It allowed me to really open up and figure out what went wrong and how to go about becoming a better person from that point on. On top of that, everyone in ZALORA is very considerate of your mental health & wellbeing. Whenever you are not feeling well, there is no hesitation to allow you to take a leave, which allows you to have trust and maintain that openness with everyone at work.

Besides great care for mental health, ZALORA also provides us with great flexibility. Having to go to the office once a week allows so much flexibility - it allows me to focus on different aspects of my life to keep me going. Not to mention, I also save on gas, tolls, and food by working from home. 

The opportunities for growth here are endless. I was able to grow in my role because of a leadership opportunity presented to me. I was thrusted into the role which made me take more responsibility and although it was challenging, it really helped me understand how to go about leading a team and working with other coworkers. I started by handling newsletters, then push notifications, then was thrusted into a leadership role overseeing the CRM operations in the Philippines, which comes with a lot of data analysis and the implementation of new initiatives. I also believe that the leaders in my team are all very helpful and integral parts of my career growth. There is almost never any hesitation whenever I ask them questions, no matter how simple or complex they are. They are also always willing to teach old practices, while also being able to learn new ideas as well.

I think the most unique thing about working at ZALORA is really the community within the company while also having a hybrid workplace. Being in a team where everyone can speak to anyone is a huge benefit for someone like me who enjoys making friends. The same goes for the leaders in the company, it is not difficult to approach them to give updates or to ask questions. Overall, It’s a very positive environment that everyone benefits from.