Spotlight Stories
Meet Jane Bernadine Parco-Batac, Senior Associate from ZALORA Philippines 11 Aug 2023

Hi, I’m Jane, an Accounts Payable Senior Executive. I’ve been in ZALORA for over two years, and I’d like to share my experiences and journey here.

A day in my life is full-on and relatively varied depending on the season. I start my day by checking emails, as it's crucial that we promptly answer or acknowledge our clients' queries. Throughout the day, I carry out a range of tasks such as facilitating the trade payables, working closely with the team and different departments to ensure that all invoices from our vendors are accounted for and paid on time, liaising with client queries over email, and attending the occasional Zoom meetings.

When I first joined ZALORA, most of my colleagues had been in ZALORA for years and welcomed me to the team. They made me feel included and helped me find meaning in my work. I count myself lucky to be part of an incredible team whose passion and work inspire me to do better each time. Having leaders who believe in my capabilities and trust me to contribute meaningful work alongside exceptional people brings me a sense of fulfillment, and it's a privilege I am most grateful for.

ZALORA's working environment is nothing short of amazing. As a working first-time mom, I cannot stress enough how I appreciate its flexible hybrid work arrangement. With the option to go to the office only once a week, it allows me to truly have a work-life balance - I can spend extra quality time with my loved ones and am reassured that I will never have to worry about missing my child's important milestones. This privilege to work from home also enables me to fit more into a day without becoming too overwhelmed.

ZALORA also genuinely cares for our physical, emotional, and mental well-being with its diverse wellness initiatives. As a Mental Health Advocate, I couldn't be happier that ZALORA gives us two days of mental health day leave, more so that we can take it without that uncomfortable, guilt-driven feeling. It’s an affirmation of ZALORA's openness and commitment to supporting its employee's well-being. Those sanity breaks are of great help whenever I want to pause after a loaded, busy period or even when I want to rest and collect my thoughts to come back with greater levels of energy and a fresh perspective.

Besides the flexible working arrangement and wellness initiatives, ZALORA encourages us to take charge of our own personal and career development; by providing different learning opportunities such as the Jedi Program (our very own Lean Six Sigma) and Udemy, which I utilize. These learning opportunities have helped me determine the pace of my career enrichment and have given me control over what aspects of my work I want to expand and upskill. It's a bonus to have leaders and mentors who fully support me with my career and personal development goals.

It's not a secret that most working professionals dread coming to work on Mondays and wish for an extended weekend or holiday, but it's only in ZALORA that I don't feel anxious for Mondays to come. With ZALORA's healthy working environment and culture of giving back to its employees, I get excited for the next working day just as much. There may be days when I fall into tiredness, what with all the month-end closing tasks, but it's a good kind of tiredness. Good because I can reflect on those days and realize that my accomplishments and efforts, from the tiniest to the biggest ones, are celebrated and well-appreciated. ZALORA’s positive work environment and the meaningful connections I have built with people keep me committed and happy to be in ZALORA.