Spotlight Stories
Meet Gabriel, Brand Partnerships Intern from ZALORA Malaysia 30 Jun 2023

A day in life at ZALORA is an exhilarating blend of creativity and analytical thinking. As a Brand Management intern, my role goes beyond what meets the eye. I have the privilege of communicating with brands across the UK, Australia, and various parts of Asia. From sharing the latest ZALORA campaigns to updating brands on their sales performance, every interaction is an opportunity to build meaningful connections within the fashion industry. What surprises many is the level of analytical thinking required in my role, ensuring that I provide valuable insights and guidance to our partner brands.

Finding meaning and fulfillment in my work comes from the connections I establish with industry professionals, both within and outside of ZALORA. Collaborating with talented individuals who share my passion for fashion fuels my drive to go above and beyond. The joy of witnessing the success of our partner brands and contributing to their growth brings a sense of accomplishment that is truly unparalleled.

Being part of the ZALORA team is an extraordinary experience, especially in the vibrant fashion landscape of Malaysia. It's a privilege to be associated with a major fashion player that sets trends, inspires others, and continually pushes the boundaries of style. The work environment at ZALORA is incredibly welcoming and friendly. Every day, I eagerly look forward to connecting with my colleagues, exchanging ideas, and fostering a sense of camaraderie that drives us all forward.

ZALORA's work environment embraces flexibility, allowing us to strike a balance between our professional and personal lives. The opportunity to work remotely for the majority of the week empowers me to choose an environment that best enhances my productivity and overall well-being. This flexibility not only helps me excel in my role but also contributes to a healthier work-life balance.

ZALORA has provided me with invaluable opportunities for growth and supported my professional development in the dynamic world of fashion. Within just three months, I've acquired essential industry skills and honed my communication abilities. Moreover, I've had the chance to expand my expertise in Excel, a vital tool for analyzing data and making informed decisions.

The motivation to join ZALORA stemmed from my unwavering passion for fashion and a burning desire to make my mark in the industry. ZALORA presented itself as the ideal platform to embark on my career journey, specifically within the Malaysian fashion market. The company's forward-thinking approach, innovative strategies, and commitment to excellence resonated deeply with my aspirations.

One of my most memorable experiences at ZALORA has been the opportunity to connect with major fashion brands and establish lasting relationships. Collaborating closely with these brands has not only enhanced my knowledge of the industry but also allowed me to contribute to their success. The support and guidance from my mentors and team members have been instrumental in shaping these experiences, ensuring my growth as a professional.

To any new intern joining ZALORA, I would offer this advice: Embrace an open-minded approach and fearlessly embrace the learning curve. Mistakes are part of the journey, and they provide opportunities for growth. Trust in the patience and thoughtfulness of your team, who will be there to guide you every step of the way.