Spotlight Stories
Meet Farah, Styling Intern from ZALORA Malaysia 05 May 2023

As an Intern at ZALORA, my interests and passions lie in marketing. I've always admired marketers for their boldness, creativity, enthusiasm, and drive towards achieving their goals. Witnessing them succeed in their objectives motivates me to delve deeper into the marketing world.

A day in the life at ZALORA is always full of surprises, as there are constantly events and opportunities to learn new things. One thing that many people don't know about the brand creative industry is that our brains don't shut off after the day ends. For instance, if we have a deadline for a creative campaign, we have to find an innovative way to bring the concept to life. Even after heading home, we might spend the next 12 hours thinking about the project and unintentionally brainstorming. Despite the occasional challenges that come with working in a creative industry, I consider it a blessing to be a part of the team. The sense of pride and satisfaction that comes from completing a project or campaign is immeasurable.

I find meaning and fulfilment in my work by holding onto a value that I've always believed in - doing what I love and loving what I do. Seeing my team appreciate and acknowledge my contributions during the event-making process is also very satisfying. I also believe that small things and steps can make a significant difference in achieving success.

The best thing about being a part of the ZALORA team is the discount we receive on ZALORA brand clothes. It's exciting to be able to buy clothes that I love without worrying too much about my budget.

The work environment at ZALORA is friendly, team-oriented, and empowering. The trust and autonomy given to employees empower us all and drive us to be self-fulfilled and purpose-driven. The modern and bright working space, as well as the comfortable lounge areas, also contribute to the positive work environment.

ZALORA provides flexibility in our work through hybrid working. We have a work-from-home culture where each department comes into the office once a week. We also have a Zoom-free half day every Wednesday.

ZALORA has provided me with ample opportunities to learn and grow in the fast-paced fashion industry. I've come to appreciate the importance of the company's values, such as being a #ForceforGood and #OneTeamOneDream.

During my time at ZALORA, I've become a more dynamic person who is more certain about my career objectives and the kind of path I want to take. The experience has helped me gain priceless industry skills, including improving my professional competency in English, reporting, and marketing management. I've also learned many soft skills like communication, time management, and critical thinking that will serve me well in any job I take in the future.

What motivated me to apply to ZALORA was the desire to challenge and embrace new things. ZALORA is known for its established and distinct working environment, where mental health is taken seriously.

One of my most memorable experiences here was when we were shooting for a brand campaign. My team spent a lot of time together, and I got to experience what went on behind the scenes. Everyone had their own role in making sure that the campaign was successful, and it was chaotic at first, but we all adapted and worked well together. My managers, Robyn and Neha, were the best part of my internship. They showered me with kind words, encouragement, and valued all the team members. Here, I felt like a real employee who truly mattered and not simply a temporary intern, welcomed by everyone with kindness and respect.

If you’re a new intern joining ZALORA, my advice would be to grow that dedication and never give up. Don’t be afraid of wanting to explore more! Mistakes are what makes a good learner better, good luck!