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Meet Clarissa, Talent Acquisition Executive, from ZALORA Malaysia 27 Mar 2023


As a Talent Acquisition Executive at ZALORA Malaysia, my role may seem easy on the outside, but actually the recruitment process can get pretty complicated as it involves many stakeholders. As recruiters, our inbox is always flooded with emails, and we tend to miss out on certain messages, especially during peak period. We do try our best to get back to each and every single person who contacts us, but if you suspect we missed your message, don’t be afraid to reach out for a follow-up!


In my time here, I have experienced all the ZALORA Values in the work I do, but the most prominent value to me would be One Team, One Dream. I have never felt like I was alone here; the support we lend each other is endless and all-consuming within and across teams, always making me feel secure. My team is super supportive and we solve each of our own problems together as a whole team on a daily basis, and I absolutely love this culture!

I find meaning and fulfillment in my work when candidates accept our offers, and go on to excel in their roles. It represents the culmination of a lot of hard work and effort that goes into the hiring process, and it is very satisfying to know that I have played a critical role in securing key hires for ZALORA.

Another thing I am grateful for is that we are given 2 days of mental health leave. Whenever things get too overwhelming for me, I am given the option to take a break without feeling that extra guilt. It is easy to get caught up in work and forget to take a step back, so it is important for me to take care of myself, and being given this option to take 2 days off to recalibrate proves to me that ZALORA truly cares for their employees and is ever-willing to support them in their personal and professional growth.

I cannot stress how much I appreciate the flexibility given to us Zalorians. I still remember how I had to travel to the UK last year for 2 weeks to attend my brother’s convocation. Visiting a city that has a 7-hour time difference is not easy when it comes to working. However, I was grateful to have such an understanding team that would do things like switch meeting times to make it a little more convenient for me so I could continue working.



At ZALORA, we are encouraged to engage in any training or programs for our personal development, and not just focus on our work all the time, which I really like. I recently got to attend an event hosted by Taylor’s University, with Jonathan Yabut as the guest speaker. I also got the opportunity to involve myself in our very own Lean Six Sigma Program, the Jedi Program, and was a certified White Belt by the end of the year.

The most unique aspect of working at ZALORA is definitely the flexibility provided. Everything is pretty much back to normal now, and most companies are returning to the office entirely. However at ZALORA, Zalorians are still given a hybrid working arrangement option. Not having to spend hours in traffic to and fro the office every day is a blessing, and I am so grateful for my position here at this beloved company.