Spotlight Stories
Meet Catherine, Associate Manager from ZALORA Philippines 28 Apr 2023

A day in my life at ZALORA consists of accounts reconciliation, financial analysis of risk and benefits and continuously coordinating with different departments to ensure accurate financial reporting. As an Associate Manager - Accounts Receivables, my job involves closely monitoring all customer payments, which is one of the primary sources of income for the company. It is crucial for us to ensure that these payments and refunds are accurately recorded, as they have a significant impact on the company's financial standing.

Over the years, I have experienced the ZALORA #LimitlessMindset values most prominently, especially when management places trust in my skills and abilities. Together with my team, we are able to contribute to the company's success while continuing to learn and grow, making each day an exciting one!

The leadership culture, the freedom, and trust given to me by the management is just part of the reason I continue to stay at ZALORA. Along with the conducive work environment, being given challenging tasks to promote professional and personal growth, and the sheer amount of support I receive from my immediate supervisor and team, this all contributes to making this workplace an incredibly enjoyable and fulfilling place to work at. 

I love and enjoy what I do, so each day I set a to-do list and do my best to accomplish it. Because by completing my task, I know that I contributed to the company and I find fulfilment in knowing that I am able to share my knowledge and skills with our team. 

Our team formed in 2022 and has been resolving payment issues from previous years, which took us about six months to complete. Despite being new to the company, we were able to do it by working together as a team and upholding the company's values of #OneTeamOneDream.

ZALORA also supports employees by promoting open communication. Our Speak Up! Policy assures me that I can confidently and safely raise any concerns, and the standard of transparent and honest communication is always maintained. Additionally, we are also supported through our hybrid work set-up, encouraging employees to have  work-life balance. This saves us a lot of time traveling from home to our work site and gives us a chance to allocate time to our personal life. I believe that a well-rested mind and body equates to productivity, so I appreciate such gestures that show ZALORA truly cares about its employees.