Spotlight Stories
Meet Astrid, Graphic Designer from ZALORA Philippines 12 May 2023

As a creative working at ZALORA, I can confidently say that a day in the life here is far from mundane. From collaborating with talented individuals to putting forth my best creative ideas, my passion for my work meets my professional goals every day. What many people may not know about my job is that it's not just work - it's fun.

As for the ZALORA values, two stand out to me the most: Rationally Creative and One Team, One Dream. As a designer, I feel empowered to express my creativity with like-minded individuals who share the same vision. It's amazing to work with a team that's dedicated to making a difference, and that's precisely what One Team, One Dream is all about.

So what keeps me here at ZALORA? The answer is simple - the community and the team. Working alongside creative, talented, and supportive colleagues brings a sense of fulfilment that is hard to come by in any other workplace.

Being surrounded by outstanding people who work towards a common goal keeps me motivated and engaged in my work. The ZALORA team is inclusive towards all minorities, and I feel secure and respected regardless of my background.

There isn't one particular story that stands out in my mind as making a significant impact in my work here because I believe that each and every action the team takes together creates an impact. The countless brainstorming sessions, staying up late for launches, and working with the marketing team are experiences that I'll take with me in my journey towards becoming a better designer.

The ZALORA work environment is a team-oriented and friendly one. Working with such a competent team makes the impossible feel achievable. In terms of mental health and well-being, ZALORA is considerate towards all employees, providing benefits and even a 'Mental Health Day' to give people a chance to reset.

ZALORA offers flexibility in our work schedule, especially in light of the ongoing pandemic. We're not required to physically report to work every day of the week, and the company takes safety measures very seriously.

ZALORA has provided me with countless opportunities to grow personally and professionally. Through training sessions and leadership opportunities, I've recognized my potential, leading to personal growth as an employee and as a person. 

The most unique aspect of working at ZALORA is undoubtedly the company culture. It's an innovative, forward-thinking atmosphere that fosters creative ideas and brings great minds together. ZALORA isn't a traditional company, and that's what sets it apart.