Spotlight Stories
Meet Adlina, Regional Brand Management Intern, from ZALORA Malaysia 31 Mar 2023


If I had to describe the work culture at ZALORA, it would be fast paced but flexible. My role as an intern requires me to adapt quickly to the workload, but I am given the flexibility to still work at my own pace without being too stressed or overwhelmed.

Having always been curious and captivated by the e-Commerce industry and with ZALORA as Asia’s leading online fashion destination, I definitely scored a bullseye when accepting my internship offer. Truly hitting the mark, I was confident that I will be able to gain my first professional experience in the e-Commerce industry with ZALORA, and I am proud to say that it was nothing short of positive, professional, and exceptionally educational.

Although my job scope as a Regional Brand Management Intern can get repetitive with the constant use of Excel, it is never boring as we are faced with different data and information everyday, and my skills are being improved upon every day.

I love finding fulfillment and meaning in my work. This happens the most when I solve problems on my own after encountering bumps on the road, or when my completed tasks are appreciated and acknowledged by my team and superiors, and especially when I feel satisfied with my level of productivity and participation within my team.

Working at ZALORA has many benefits too! Staff discounts and vouchers are a huge highlight, but I enjoy the hybrid working policy most. Getting the opportunity to make contributions to the team in the comfort of my own home is something I love and never take for granted.



The team is amazing as well. My supervisor, Justine, is the best part of my internship! She showers me with kind words, praise, and constant constructive feedback to enhance my performance - teaching me so much that I am so grateful for. I will never forget our 1:1 feedback and sharing sessions where I have learned so much. Being trained and mentored by her has allowed me to grow in this field and work on myself and I am truly thankful. This place has a distinct dynamic and welcoming work culture. Here, I’m treated like a real employee and not simply a temporary intern, welcomed by everyone with kindness and respect.

The autonomy, trust, and control given to employees here empowers us all, and drives us to be self-fulfilled and purpose-driven. It also cultivates a positive work environment, together with the modernized and bright working space and comfortable lounge areas.



My time at ZALORA has distinguished me as a dynamic individual who is clearer about what I want for my career goals, and what kind of path I want to embark upon. The opportunities here have truly supported me in the knowledge of the world of work, and I’ve picked up various invaluable industry skills. For starters, I definitely have developed my professional proficiency in English as it is not my first language, and I’ve honed my reporting and data analysis skills. Soft skills such as critical thinking, time management and organization, and communication have all been touched on in my time here, and I definitely operate with a sense of urgency in this fast-paced environment - I have grown so much.

A piece of advice for new interns joining ZALORA - enthusiasm is important, don’t be afraid of wanting to learn more! You never know what you’re capable of doing until you try! Most importantly, be kind and have fun :)