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Meet Lizella, Operational Excellence Associate Manager from ZALORA Philippines 03 Nov 2023

Hi! I’m Lizella Jeriel Servo, an Operational Excellence Associate Manager in ZALORA Philippines! My journey with ZALORA started back in 2021, where I joined as a Graduate Trainee. After training for almost two years, I was promoted to my current role as an Associate Manager.

As part of the Operational Excellence team, I work closely with other teams to streamline their processes and instill a continuous improvement mindset and culture. I also spend a portion of my time to coach colleagues who are working on their improvement projects. My role allows me to work remotely from home and return to the office when I need to.

ZALORA’s mentorship opportunities motivate me to grow my career in the company. My manager is a great mentor who supports my development by providing training sessions to participate and lead. I have obtained certifications and skills relevant to my work, including the Lean Six Sigma certification and Project Management skills. As part of my training, I was also given the great opportunity to visit the Fulfillment Center in Malaysia to benchmark their processes and share our own best practices.

My colleagues have also been incredible. The team is made up of truly smart and talented people who never hesitate to give their support whenever I need them. We conquer challenges together as a team and never forget to celebrate our achievements! Our work environment is equally welcoming, and I always feel included. Our culture is to always try our best to have fun even while working together, especially after a tiring day.

Mental health prioritization is also part of our unique culture. We have Zoom-free half days on Wednesdays and regular check-ins with our manager to know how we are doing both professionally and personally. We also get two mental health day leaves in a year where we can take the days off at our own discretion. It can be used when we feel too overwhelmed or need time to reframe ourselves into the right mindset. I love how my manager encourages me that I am free to take leaves guilt-free!

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