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Meet Lindal, Production Senior Executive from ZALORA Philippines 05 Oct 2023

Hi! I’m Lindal Arboleda, a Production Senior Executive in ZALORA Philippines! As a photographer, I work with models to produce the best photos showcasing apparels and products throughout the day. These photos are then sent to our other team members to be retouched, provided with descriptive content, quality checked, and uploaded to our website. It is a creative yet highly systematic process designed to provide quality images on par with the Zalora standard.

Apart from the daily production processes, our department also provides third party services to clients called Zalora Production Services or ZPS. We work with brands to construct new ideas and concepts and turn it into editorial images and videos for them to use. From content writing, video editing to graphic design, our team has more than enough skills up our sleeves that can provide clients with the help they need.

As cliche as it may sound, engaging myself in a creative environment is what keeps me going. ZALORA provides me that venue where I can share my eureka moments and put it into fruition. From our website, you can only see the images, descriptions, and creative poses our models deliver to showcase clothing and other products the best way. But the amount of collective effort and creative juices it requires to produce these impressive layouts is what I find interesting. I learn something new in every project, ideas from people I work with, and skills I never knew I’m capable of. This is also thanks to the amazing department managers and supervisors in ZALORA, they let us play to our strengths and equip us with new skills necessary to help each other at work.

If there is one word I would use to describe the culture and work environment of ZALORA it would be engaging. Apart from the leadership training and seminars available, there are also engagement activities the company comes up with. Recently, the People & Culture Department decided to make a Theme Day Wednesday where everyone can be stylish in their own way every Wednesday with a provided theme. We can always expect booths and virtual contests to be set up during the Health & Safety Week, a Kahoot! game in virtual meetings, and I’m most excited for our upcoming Halloween and Year-end parties that can be a little bit extra!

ZALORA also provides us with work flexibility. We utilize Zoom as a form of communication in daily work since most of us in our department are working from home, with the necessary equipment for work being provided by the IT department, including a company desktop for work and a studio setup for photoshoots. 

It also cares for our mental health & wellbeing. My supervisors always check on how I’m doing, especially now there’s a team I’m handling. The team has always been supportive of each other and it’s a trait that’s encouraged within the company.

Now that I will be handling a team as part of my career development, I recently attended a leadership development program prepared by the Human Resource Team and Operational Excellence Team. I aim to use the lessons learnt from the training to help guide and support my own team, just as my supervisors had done for me.