Spotlight Stories
Jia Wei Eik, Senior Analyst from ZALORA Malaysia 17 Apr 2024

Hi I’m Jia Wei Eik, Senior Analyst from ZALORA’s Operational Excellence and Customer Experience team! 

What is it like at ZALORA each day?

At ZALORA, each day brings a dynamic mix of brainstorming sessions, collaborative idea discussions, and data analysis aimed at driving better decision-making. It's a ‘modern’ job  in a fast-paced industry where we're constantly adapting to market practices. Despite the perception of just selling fashion and lifestyle, there's a variety of projects and plans underway in the backend. Zalorians are working behind the scenes to bring out the best of the customer experience.

What do you like most about ZALORA?

ZALORA prioritizes people and cares for our physical and mental health, and ensures a healthy work-life balance for all employees. ZALORA also resonates with my values of ethical business practices and environmental sustainability, with its commitment to selling only authentic products and implementing eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives at all levels. This dedication sets ZALORA apart from others in the industry.

How does ZALORA provide care for your mental health & wellbeing?

ZALORA prioritizes employee wellbeing by offering a comfortable office environment, mental health days, and half day of zoom free days allowing us to have a break from daily work pressures. 

ZALORA also encourages work-life balance, allowing optional responses after designated working hours and compensating for overtime with compensatory leaves. This fosters a supportive and nurturing culture where employees feel valued and cared for.

How does Zalora provide flexibility in your work?

ZALORA embraces a hybrid working culture, providing flexibility for employees to choose between working from home or the office. This balanced approach enables effective collaboration and idea exchange in person, while also allowing for focused and productive remote work. Additionally, hybrid work saves time and energy on commuting, allowing employees to prioritize their personal interests and spend more time with their loved ones.

Describe the work environment at ZALORA

ZALORA nurtures a distinct atmosphere that combines friendliness with professionalism, encouraging a work environment where we both play hard and work smart. It's a place where bright minds come together to tackle challenges in a collaborative manner.

It is a supportive environment where we prioritize learning and growth, always striving to figure out the best strategies for the problems at hand together. It also encourages creative thinking, where we look for new, more effective solutions rather than just relying on preconceived methods.

What do you like most about being part of the ZALORA team?

Zalorians work together toward common goals, constantly exchanging ideas and learning from one another. Each department works closely together synergically to achieve more together.

What makes you feel fulfilled working at ZALORA?

I thrive on making impactful contributions to the industry and shaping e-commerce in Southeast Asia. With the ever-evolving nature of our business, I am constantly keeping updated and engaged with the latest tech and commerce strategies and trends, which I find incredibly fulfilling. This alongside the professional yet supportive working environment at ZALORA fuels my continuous learning journey and keeps me feeling fulfilled.

ZALORA also gives us opportunities to make an impact. Recently, I spearheaded initiatives to enhance marketplace profitability, and seeing my ideas adopted and executed successfully was immensely gratifying.

How have you grown in your role with ZALORA?

During my time at ZALORA, I've had numerous opportunities to develop my leadership skills, refine my communication skills, and engage in various training programs. The company values personal and professional development, providing ample opportunities for growth and advancement. It's a supportive environment where employees are encouraged to reach their full potential. With so many opportunities available, I often find myself wishing for more time to participate in all of them.

How is ZALORA different from other companies?

One of the most unique aspects of working at ZALORA is the level of trust and autonomy given to employees. The company practices a hands-off approach to management, allowing employees the flexibility to work in a way that suits them best. This fosters a culture of trust, respect, and empowerment, where employees feel motivated to excel and contribute their best.