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Husnina Zin, Social Media Marketing Intern from ZALORA Malaysia 03 May 2024

Hi I’m Husnina Zin, and I was a Social Media Marketing Intern at ZALORA Malaysia! I loved working in ZALORA so much that I even extended my internship to 6 months! Today, I would like to share with you my incredible experience!

Why did you choose ZALORA?

I am passionate about beauty and fashion, and have been a frequent user of ZALORA's app for the longest time. I’ve always been curious about the brands and working behind the scenes to curate such amazing content and products for customers online. Plus, I’ve always wanted to work at an e-commerce company like ZALORA!

To me, where better to start my journey into the amazing world of social media and influencer marketing than at ZALORA, Asia’s Fashion Expert!

What did you learn from your time in ZALORA?

With the guidance of my friendly team and manager, I’ve learnt to discover, approach, and collaborate with influencers who align with ZALORA’s brand values. I’ve also developed strong verbal and written communication skills that enable me to effectively convey brand messages, engage with followers, negotiate deals, and effectively manage influencer campaigns.

Surprisingly, for a role that involves a lot of creativity, I’ve also picked up excel skills, and incorporated it into my daily life at ZALORA! 

These skills empower me to play an important role in my team and achieve actual results in our social media and influencer campaigns! This translates into tremendous meaning and satisfaction when I see the positive influence our campaigns have on people!

What was working in ZALORA like?

ZALORA provides a flexible work environment and hours! Some days I’ll be in the office, other days I’ll be in cafes. There’s never a day with the same workspace!

What are the people at ZALORA like?

Zalorians are actually so fun to be with! I work with wonderful colleagues who are so supportive in helping me polish my skills during the internship and beyond for my future career! The super friendly and supportive environment generates a sense of belonging and gratitude, which makes me feel appreciated. Zalorians are friendly people and so Gen Z coded! 🤩

My team has been one of the greatest things that ever happened to me! Especially my manager, Natasha Franklin, shout out to her and the team for guiding me in every step of working here! I won’t ever forget my first ever ZALORAYA Fashion Show! It's an honour to participate in such a well-known ZALORA event as a beauty content creator just before the end of my internship!

What advice would you give to a new intern in ZALORA?

Don’t be afraid of making a mistake; they represent significant progress in shaping our future professionalism!