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Meet Siti Samsuddin (Dinie), Onsite Marketing Intern from ZALORA Malaysia 23 Feb 2024

Hi, I’m Dinie, an onsite marketing intern in ZALORA!

What’s my role in ZALORA?
As an onsite marketing intern, I help manage the incredible upcoming ZALORA campaigns on our website and app, by making sure the site layout gives our customers the best possible user journey and enhances their shopping experience.

To do this, I work closely with our team of campaign planners to upload onsite marketing campaigns for all channels and create static pages using HTML, CSS and JavaScript!


What’s the work environment like in ZALORA?
ZALORA is the ideal working environment for me! It’s a collaborative environment that allows flexibility in how we do our work. With flexible working hours that allows us to adjust our work schedules to better suit our individual needs, I find that this helps to make us more productive especially when we have to work in different time zones or when personal commitments unexpectedly turn up!

The people in ZALORA are also amazing! I work alongside great people who guide me in developing new skills in my work here and beyond! There is a very welcoming culture here, which makes me feel included and valued!

What do you like most about ZALORA?
Definitely the culture of nurturing a work-life balance here! I have time for my personal life, relaxation and self-care, which are important when working in a hybrid work environment. To make sure that Zalorians are taking care of themselves, ZALORA has gone the extra mile to provide information on mental health issues and the support services available from day one, as part of their induction.


What did you learn in ZALORA?
I've learned so much within this short span of time. From communication skills to experience with working in a corporate environment like ZALORA, I have gained so much knowledge that can be applied to my future career!

I had the opportunity to work on real projects and make a meaningful contribution to the company. This has been personally fulfilling as well as a great learning experience as I was trusted to complete my projects using the knowledge gained in my studies to solve real world practical problems.

What motivated you to apply to ZALORA?
As an IT Student, I have always been interested in e-commerce websites, and also had an interest in the fashion industry. ZALORA provided the perfect opportunity for me to try out a role that combined both my passions!

What advice would you give to a new intern in ZALORA?
Be brave to accept new challenges  and don't be scared to make errors because you will, and it won't matter because you have terrific mentors that are considerate and patient, who will help you grow!