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Meet Bebymay, Warehouse Supervisor from ZALORA Philippines 22 Sep 2023

Hi, I’m Bebymay Quimpo, a Warehouse Supervisor in ZALORA Philippines! My role involves supporting my team to ensure that our work goes smoothly and maintains a high level of quality. In addition, I aim to make sure that my team members learn something new every day, so that they are equipped with new knowledge and skills that they can use in their development.

In ZALORA, we truly believe in and practice our values, especially “One Team, One Dream”. Here, our people encourage and support each other to reach their potential and to work towards the same goal together. Our leaders and management also show appreciation for all our Zalorians, giving us opportunities and good benefits.

I have been at ZALORA for 5 years. Starting as an Inbound processor, I developed my skills and demonstrated my talents to my line managers. As time went by, my line managers recognised my talents and gave me the opportunity to become one of its leaders. With their support, I also learned to step up and leave my comfort zone which used to scare me, and have discovered many things about myself that I couldn't see before as an employee. The trust and confidence that ZALORA places in me is one of the reasons why I have been able to accomplish things that I thought were impossible.

ZALORA cares for its employees, and has programs to broaden our knowledge on mental and health issues. This includes providing us with mental health days, where we can take days-off to collect ourselves and rest when we need it. 

The company also encourages us to share and suggest different ideas on how they can enhance our safe and comfortable working environment. Our leaders always ask about our work and find out ways to help each individual through training and one-on-one sessions. This guidance is well-appreciated because it helps me to better express my thoughts and opinions and provide feedback.

ZALORA is truly unique because it considers its employees as part of the family. All contributions, big or small, are appreciated and the people behind them are recognized. It highly respects, values ​​the feelings, and well-being of each employee, which helps to make us more happy and peaceful in our daily work.