Intern & Fresh Grads
Getting Started What to prepare for the interview?
Research on the role & the company
  • Look up ZALORA on the web and find our news articles and social media networks
  • Try to best understand our products and services including our organizational culture
Ask your respective recruiters questions you have about the role
  • Asking questions at the start can help you understand crucial details about the open position
  • Remember interviews are a two-way street. You'll need to see if the role fits you too
Read up on the STAR Method & utilize it during your interview
  • The STAR method helps in effectively delivering a concise and compelling interview answer using specific, real-life examples
Make a good impression
  • A clean and neat professional appearance is vital in making a good first impression.
  • Be engaging, and always project an attitude of energy, enthusiasm and interest.
Ask if there will be any technical assessment & prepare for it
  • Structured problem solving, logical thinking, understanding of biases and ability to use and seek relevant information.
Learn about your interviewers
  • Knowing who your interviewers are can help you connect better and create better conversations.
  • This shows that you are diligent, having done your research prior to meeting them.

Quick Tips Avoid Common Interview Mistakes
Mistake #1 Getting Too Personal
Your interviewers may be friendly and the interview may seem like a casual conversation. However, always remember to stick to relevant topics and not derail to personal matters.
Mistake #2 Showing Negativity
You may not agree with your previous stakeholders or role but avoid making negative comments about them. Instead, try to focus on the positive areas and how you managed through it.
Mistake #3 Lack of Preparation
Always invest your time in researching the company and the role. Know your CV! Be prepared to answer any questions related to it. Don't forget to prepare questions - this shows your interest in the role and if the role fits you.
Mistake #4 Focusing Too Much on Yourself
It is good to be confident but not until it shows that you are arrogant. Refrain from just talking about how the role will benefit you. Show the interviewers how you can help them achieve their goals too.

Quick Tips Use the STAR Method
Describe the situation or the background first. (Eg. Who, What, Where, When, How)
Talk about your responsibilities or the tasks you had to complete (Eg. Highlight any challenges, issues or deadlines)
How did you fix the situation? Explain the actions you took. (Eg. Highlight any leadership, initiatives or teamwork)
Describe the outcome of your actions. Try to provide quantifiable examples. (Eg. Highlight any impact, accomplishments or rewards)

Quick Tips Sample Questions

We hope you’re all set for the interview with us.

All the best & see you soon!