General Roles
Explore What are Case Study Interviews? If your role requires a specific skill set, you can be sure to expect a case study given to you as part of the interview process. Case studies are often conducted to understand your thought process, and how you would work through those problems given in a real-life situation.
Here in Zalora, our case studies are usually in the form of assessment style, with a given deadline to return the assessment.
There are no right or wrong answers, but rather to gauge your skills and give us an idea of how you approach tasks relevant to the role.
Most of the time, you would then be asked to present your case study during an interview session with your interviewer.

Quick Tips How to answer Case Study Interviews?
  • Make sure you understand the case study.
  • If you have questions, please reach out to your respective recruiter.
  • Set enough time to do your research and structure your points.
  • You will want to ensure your work flow is presented in a right way.
  • When presenting your case study, think of it as a collaborative discussion with your interviewer.

Check Out Case Study Examples

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